My journey at Suman Chandra hospital as patient was truly a rollercoaster & has changed my perception in many aspects and helped in experiencing the magical feeling of motherhood the major credit of my bondless happiness goes to Dr.sudha madam for her unique way of handling patients with different curiosities and for her excellent treatment, and the team at Excell Hospital for their kind cooperation.

I Must say a Excell hospital in a place one can really on to accomplish their parenting dream to come true.


My visit to Dr.sudha clinic is really very helpful and as changed my life and pain from which iam suffering from last 12Years.She is very nice Doctor and helpful.


My visit and interaction with Dr.sudha was very helpful this is, my second pregnancy and I referred to my friends over here. She is so friendly with a soothing touch and can cure anything regarding pregnancy.h and can cure anything regarding pregnancy.